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Ride in the Night

The Antelope by Moonlight Bike Ride is a beloved annual event in Davis County, Utah. For nearly three decades, riders of all ages have pedaled across the majestic Antelope Island State Park under the glow of the full moon. As a vendor booth this year, we’re thrilled to be part of this unique experience, showcasing the stunning Utah scenery and promoting outdoor recreation.

Zeal Naturals Enhanced Electrolytes

Our electrolyte powder is a game-changer for athletes seeking optimal hydration without compromising on taste or quality. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Stevia, Not Sugar

Say goodbye to sugary sports drinks! Zeal Naturals uses natural stevia leaf extract to sweeten our electrolytes. No artificial additives, just pure refreshment.

Delicious Flavors

Whether you’re pedaling up a canyon or hiking along scenic trails, our electrolytes come in mouthwatering flavors like Lemon Berry, Peach Mango, and Raspberry Guava. Sip, savor, and stay energized!